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Ostar hotels henceforth “Ostar”, thanks you for visiting our website (hotelgeneve.com.mx) hereinafter called the “Site” regarding the hotel known by its commercial name (Hotel Geneve Mexico City), and which belongs, among others, to Ostar Hotels hotel chain. By accessing and using our website, you accept to comply with this Terms and Conditions Agreement in full, therefore, we suggest you carefully review this latter. Ostar might amend this Agreement at any moment either completely or partially without any previous notice and without taking any responsibility. Likewise, Ostar reserves the right to deny access to the Site for the reasons it sees fit.


Ostar, its subsidiaries and affiliates or, if it is the case, the partnership operating the hotel shall be the owner or licensee of all articles data, images, screens, text and any other information showing in the site.

All the information you see or read as user of the Site is either registered by copyright laws under Ostar name or it is used with granted authorization by the same or by third parties. Likewise, all brands, logos, advertisement notices showing on the site are registered under Ostar name. Ostar is the owner of all images of people, objects or places showing on the Site, and they are used with authorization of Ostar or a third party.

Furthermore, Ostar is the owner or has the relevant authorization to use all the Site’s software including but not limited to HTML and PHP control codes protected by the law. Such law forbids to alter, distribute, or duplicate the software. Such actions shall trigger civil or criminal penalties, therefore Ostar will suit whoever brakes the law herein mentioned.

Duplicating, displaying, distributing, downloading, giving under license, altering, advertising, resending, copying, reusing, selling, handing out or using the Site’s content to create a topic-related research for public or marketing purposes is forbidden. Nothing contained in this site can be understood as providing any authorization or granting any intellectual property right by estoppel, implication or any other way.


Ostar offers this Site with the sole purpose of helping have access to the services available through the same such as booking rooms temporarily in (Hotel Geneve Mexico City) and not for any other personal or marketing purposes. Therefore, by accepting the herein Agreement you commit to use the Site’s services only to make reservations for you or any other person who has granted you with the permission to do so.
You are compelled to avoid making fake reservations. For this reason, Ostar shall be entitled to cancel multiple reservations or reservations related to the same person or in a very close period of time.

Correspondingly, the user shall not misuse the Site, including but not limited to the following:
a).-Distributing, disclosing, or publishing any information or material that may degrade, embarrass, bother, humiliate, intimidate or threaten any individual or group of people because of their age, ancestors, skin color, ethnic background, marital status, health condition, mental or physical disability, nationality, race, sex or sexual orientation.
b).- Affecting privacy and publicity rights of third parties.
c).- Downloading or uploading files with viruses, corrupted files or similar software that could affect computer working of any other person.
d).-Downloading or uploading files containing material, including but not limited to software breaking intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of other people unless you own, control or had been authorized to use such rights.
e).-Distributing, disclosing, announcing or publishing any material or obscene or illegal information.


You acknowledge and accept that this Site’s content may not be exact and/or that it may have typos. Likewise, you acknowledge and accept that Ostar might change or improve the Site’s content at any time without previous notice. It is for this reason that Ostar does not make any statement of warranty regarding the integrity or accuracy of content and it does not commit to update it with a specific time frequency. By no means, shall Ostar be responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from or relating to the use or inability to use the site or from the content gathered through it or in any other way related to the Site.
Ostar does not guarantees that the use you give to the information and material of the Site, will not break intellectual property rights of third parties. It shall not be responsible either for any virus or any other damage your computer or any other device suffers resulting from you accessing, surfing or using the Site or because you download any audio file, data, images, materials, pictures, text or videos from the Site.


Ostar intends to be as accurate as possible regarding the Site’s information, however it does not guarantee that descriptions of services or other content in the Site are accurate, complete, reliable, updated or error-free, therefore if any service offered does not turn to be as described, the only resource you shall have is directly contacting Customer Service without it meaning any responsibility for Ostar.


When using the services Ostar provides through its Site, we will ask you, in compliance with the Privacy Policy, to provide us with some information that you shall guarantee is accurate and reliable and that, under no circumstances, shall be false or inaccurate. Consequently, you shall not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any individual or legal entity or hide, in any other way, the origin of a card or any other content.

When making reservations through our Site, you will be given a reservation number that shall be Ostar’s property therefore, you should take precautions to protect the safety of the same because Ostar does not take any responsibility in case any other person uses such number affecting you.


When using the Site, you are not allowed to create hyperlinks or making references to the Site, unless you are authorized to do so by a previously signed agreement. You are also forbidden to use any material protected by registered trademarks or copyrights to make such hyperlinks or references, unless you are authorized to do so according to a signed agreement. Ostar shall not be responsible for sites having hyperlinks or references to the Site unless such sites are operated by Ostar.


All prices of our services showing on the website (Hotel Geneve Mexico City) are in Mexican pesos (MXN).


What is stipulated in this document represents the totality of the agreement ruling access to, processes and use of the Site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, other individual agreements might be concluded for any items, products or services you obtain, purchase or use from the Site.

If at a certain time, Ostar does not exercise its rights according to this Agreement, it shall not mean it waives the right to exercise the same or any other right at any time or against any other individual or legal entity. If any of the stipulations of this Agreement should be null or should lose its ability to be executed, such stipulation shall be erased from this Agreement without this affecting the force or execution ability of any other stipulation.


You acknowledge and accept that any controversy resulting as a consequence from your visiting this Site or from using the services offered through the same, shall be submitted to the Courts in Mexico City.