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Geneve Mexico City Hotel’s GENEVE HOTEL WITNESS OF HISTORY SINCE 1907 in Mexico City

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Learn about the history of this incredible hotel.


The most legendary hotel in the country.

Elegance, avant-garde and good service are attributes that GENEVE HOTEL has preserved in its 112 years. Its architecture and decoration evoke the classic European style, visitors discover antiques and works of art that have been part of the history of this hotel-museum.

Since its inception, GENEVE has been a tireless innovator in the tourism industry: it was the first in the country to offer taxi services, an operator, a dry cleaner, a travel agency, an elevator, a tennis court and a hairdresser, as well as a telephone and bathroom in each room, services unusual at that time. With an incipient tourism industry in our country, it was the most modern and elegant hotel that offered a very European hotel system, a completely new concept that was unknown in Mexico.

In February 1921, during the government of President Álvaro Obregón, the first plans were started to turn Mexico into a center of tourist attraction, which is why the best hotel rooms available in the entire republic are registered, the figure reached 1,000 rooms , of which 400 corresponded to the capital of the country, and 200 of those rooms belonged to GENEVE.

In 1922 GENEVE HOTEL was the founder of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels.

By the end of the thirties, the professionalism of GENEVE HOTEL reached such international prestige that a US newspaper published: A confirmed reservation at the Geneve Hotel is like having a deposit of a thousand dollars.

GENEVE HOTEL was the main promoter of foreign tourism in Mexico, between 1909 and 1953 people from all five continents were accommodated, and had visitors from more than 50 countries. The wide representation of nationalities and cultures was surely unprecedented for other hotels in Mexico because a more cosmopolitan venue could hardly be found.

The sixties bring a libertarian air to GENEVE HOTEL, a meeting place for the generation of intellectuals and artists of that time. An obligatory point of reference around which the establishments that formed what is now known now a days as the Zona Rosa.

In May 1991 Grupo Carso acquired the hotel chain to which GENEVE HOTEL belonged.

In 2007 OSTAR HOTELS (Grupo Carso Hotel Division) convinced to celebrate the first hundred years of the Geneve Hotel and in order to give special emphasis to its undeniable and grandiose past, he undertook a robust research project that concluded with the renovation of the GENEVE HOTEL in order to give back what for years belonged to him, his place as the most legendary hotel in the country.

For this, Lic. Roberto Slim Seade, Ostar Hotels Director led the transformation of the Hotel, relying on the valuable advice of talented: architects, museum designers, specialists, designers and antique dealers. The result of this was a classic but at the same time novel concept of a thematic hotel, making each corner, column and corridor a permanent and fascinating exhibition, thus making it a Hotel-Museum, unique in its kind in the country, where you can breathe the anecdotes stored on its walls.

With this deep remodeling in all its facilities, GENEVE HOTEL took up its place in the history of Mexico City, once again dressing its emblem and insignia as an icon of national tourism, which can only be awarded through time, the rooting and tradition.

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